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Lesbian Sex Positions

Lesbian Love – Sex Positions (Just in case you didn’t know)
-Lesbian Sex Positions
lesbian sex positions

Here is a list of a few of the more common positions for lesbian sex so you either be nodding your head and agreeing which ones you like or mildly shaking your head like it’s something you’ve never seen before and are feeling slightly aghast and yet tantalisingly intrigued at the same time.

We all need sex and we…

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When Sex Becomes Boring…

When Sex Becomes Boring…

What to do when sex becomes boring?

 when sex becomes boring

It happens, even to the best of us all. Even before you know it, sexy time has become a routine and as interesting as a 2-week old donut in the fridge. Ewww…

But no way are you falling down in that rut, sister! Even if you have to bring out the whips and chains and drawer treats and edible knickers and peek-a-boo bras, you know you have to shake things up a…

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What are Erogenous Zones ?

What are Erogenous Zones ?

What are Erogenous Zones? – Know Where to Tease Your Partner

What are erogenous zones?

Learn what are erogenous zones to build up your library of sexy knowledge that is sure to please your partner.

For those who are skilled in the arts of eroticism, getting your partner to climax is the cherry on top, not the cake. The cake that we all guiltily desire in our moments of weakness is equivalent to the foreplay in bed…or the…

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Sex and Condoms use – Is riding “bareback” worth the risk?

Sex and Condoms use – Is riding “bareback” worth the risk?


sex and condoms

Sex and Condoms use – riding bare back, would you?

Sex and condoms use why? Let me start this with a story –

A good friend of mine, a hot-blooded, attractive, virile, heterosexual male has, like most Europeans would spend a week or two in Southeast Asia’s red light districts and have his fill of exotic beauties. During my interrogation, demanding all nasty little details of his adventure…

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Non Penetrative Sex 101

Non Penetrative Sex 101

Non Penetrative Sex: Foreplay, mutual masturbation, and more!

Learning that there is more to sex than just sticking it in, with our look at Non Penetrative Sex.

On occasions it can help to get back to the basics of sex when it is time to try something new from the standard mundane sexual intercourse that can happen in a longer term partnership. It is great to break habits and start something new…

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underwater kiss

underwater kiss

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sheer clothing

sheer clothing

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The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex

The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex

What is The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex? – A Handy Guide

Learn about the best time Of day to have sex through our informative guide. Sure, we agree sex is fantastic pretty much anytime of the day or night if both of you are into it. However what is the best time of day to have sex when it comes to our natural chemical levels that drive sex drive?  We have done some important research,…

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Sex Chemistry Is Every thing in a Romantic relationship

Sex Chemistry Is Every thing in a Romantic relationship

Discover How the Sex Chemistry of Love works.

Love at times can feel like an addiction. Learn the reason why, since love is an addiction. Researchers are finding out that this very same process that takes place inside the human brain that fuels a drug dependency is the identical process that takes place whenever we fall in love.

Strange as it seems, love is a chemical frame of mind hardwired…

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